Client Success Stories

"Before I worked with Allison, I wasn't really sure of the direction of my life and career. I was going through a major life transition. I knew I was gifted but wasn't sure how that gift functioned in today's market and for a diverse audience. After just two meetings, my spirit was quieted enough to gain perspective and direction. Now I'm finalizing deals of both $20K and $50K. Thank you Allison for entering and transforming my life, mentality and career."

Dr. Donald Morton

Principal Strategist The Morton Firm LLC

"Before working with Allison I was unsure about exactly what I wanted to do. I had no confidence in myself and kept replaying the negative words that were given to me throughout my life which kept me stuck. After working with Allison I learned how to purposely be positive and only think and act on positive inspiration. Allison has awakened the many hidden gifts in me and has assisted me in getting closer to my dreams. I am now more confident in myself and my ability to walk and operate in my many talents and identify opportunities that will help me go further. Since working with Allison as my life coach, I went from looking for radio show guests and paying to be on the radio, to being highly sought after by guests and being compensated. She helped me align with my purpose!"

Natasha Simms
Radio Show Host
'Real Talk With Tasha'

"I experienced a breakthrough with Allison. Before talking with her I felt like such a loser. She has encouraged me to dream again and I AM ready to follow the Prison Break Success System and do great things."

Flor Rivera
Peruvian Parliament Judge

"Entrepreneurs add this to your reading arsenal!"

Tami Roman
VH1 Reality Star of the #1 hit show Basketball Wives
NV Clinical Spokesperson
Founder of TR LOVE Cosmetics &

"I could not have been more inspired."

Alison Feliciano

Speaker, Author & CEO

Allison has used her incredible story of transformation and personal change to motivate others. She is a motivational speaker and personal life coach. Allison T. Moore is the "real deal", someone who has faced adversity and reached inside herself to create a new story of hope and achievement.

Joanna Champney, M.A.
Chief of Planning at Delaware Department of Correction