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Are You In Your Own Prison?

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Whether you want to WAKEUP your deepest desires, be LIBERATED from your past limitations that are no longer serving you, INCREASE your self confidence by learning to LOVE, experience more JOY and PEACE in your life, HEAL a relationship, or make PEACE with a painful experience, 'PrisonBreak' will challenge you to UNCOVER the core issues that block you. It’s designed to turn your life into one you are in awe of; one where you embrace your POWER, and experience the dream life you love. EXTRAORDINARY!

"Instead of burying your head in the sand, write in it. Instead of trapping yourself in repetitive destruction, with God's help, free yourself from the self imposed prison, change yourself and the world. It doesn't matter that you messed up. I don't know what your obstacles are, but I know that whatever they may be, God can use them."

Allison T Moore realized this while serving time in prison. In this book, you will read her story!

Prison Break Boot Camp

5 Critical Success Factors You Must Learn NOW To Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary!

Learn step by step how to go from ordinary to extraordinary and achieve something amazing!

This powerful workshop in a box teaches you the proven Prison Break Success System of solving the Identity Crisis, distinguishing goals vs intentions by Aiming High and the strategic process of attacking Mission Impossible, with the implementation of practical steps to turn the ordinary personal and professional life into the extraordinary life of your dreams!!!

This self guided course includes 5 audio CD's and a workbook with worksheets to help you follow along, jot your experiences and 'Ahah' moments and take notes. Free 30 minute Prison Break Strategy Session is a limited time bonus with your purchase.

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Break Procrastination

available today for only $14.99

When Allison's husband decided he no longer wanted to be married, he changed his phone number, closed the checking account, removed his name from the utilities and car insurance, and left her with HIS son that HE had custody of, she had to find a way to earn income and FAST.

She worked a part time job, found an additional full time job and worked spa gigs 7 days a week to make it! Allison thought "How great would it be if I could somehow combine what I love with also making a great income without working 7 days a week 12 hours a day?" With the emotional stress of divorce and failed business attempts from the past, this transformational life coach had to create a new mission statement for her life and bounce back to create the business and life of her dreams.

This book will show you how she went from having an overdrawn checking account, to securing major corporate contracts earning more in one reservation than she earned in three months. It is an inspirational account of how Allison bounced back after many failures in business and is now the Managing Director of her own company serving clients in many US markets. In this book you will learn the key strategies to recover from business failures and launch the business of your dreams!

Have you Failed In Business?

Do you put things off? Find yourself making excuses to get out of bothersome little duties? In short, are you guilty of that nasty habit of procrastination? We're all guilty of it from time to time, but when putting things off interferes with your life, there's cause for concern. Procrastination can cause problems at work or school, in your relationships, and with your health, among other things.

Start today and change your life with Allison T. Moore's proven system to break procrastination, prioritize your time, find your place of fulfillment and flow, to make IT happen in just one month!