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All of us experience disappointment in life. Sometimes it is profound disappointment and sorrow about issues or people that are dear to our hearts, especially in relationships.

"All women deserve to live their 'impossible' dream." For me, that impossible dream meant having a second chance at love. After my divorce and a few failed attempts at dating and relationships, I thought maybe I was just supposed to be single. I thought, "Whats wrong with me?"

Find out how I went from being cheated on in a secret in a relationship to meeting, being engaged, and now married to THE man perfect for me, in just 6 short months!

  • • Are you discouraged by past failed relationships?
  • • Do you often think "all the good ones are taken or don't even exist?"
  • • Have you found yourself always 'picking the wrong ones'?
  • • Are you tired of going above and beyond in your relationships only to feel unapreciated when it ends?

If you answered YES to any of the questions then this webinar is for you!

You will learn to:

- Find yourself again after heartbreak
- Identify beliefs that could be considerable roadblocks
- Overcoming the 'why bother' syndrome
- Properly close off one relationship before starting another
- Give up trying to get closure
- Turn your focus from the past to the future

Be inspired to take new actions and work within a different relationship paradigm.

Register for this powerful webinar MONDAY MAY 14th 7pm EST